20th August, WednesdayReblog

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson | By: Vincent DolmanFEBRUARY 15, 2012
20th August, WednesdayReblog
20th August, WednesdayReblog

Robin Williams Movie Masterpost
The World According To Garp
Good Morning, Vietnam
Dead Poet’s Society
Cadillac Man
FernGully: The Last Rain Forest
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Birdcage
Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Father’s Day
Good Will Hunting
What Dreams May Come
Patch Adams
Jakob the Liar
Bicentennial Man
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
One Hour Photo
Death To Smoochy
The Final Cut
House of D
The Night Listener
The Man of the Year
Happy Feet
Night at the Museum
License to Wed
August Rush
World’s Greatest Dad
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Old Dogs
Happy Feet Two
The Face of Love
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn
I’m sure this has been done already, but I thought just in case. They’re ordered from oldest to newest.
19th August, TuesdayReblog
19th August, TuesdayReblog
19th August, TuesdayReblog
19th August, TuesdayReblog